Field services

(Preventive) Maintenance

The reliability of equipment is essential for the operation of (production)installations.
DAC Simotech offers the service for monitoring and maintenance of industrial equipment, executed by our service partners all over the world.

The service is carried out by accredited companies with trained professionals who, depending on the specific equipment visit the site and review and perform the necessary action to keep your installations up-and-running.


Commissioning & Installation

Together with our subcontracting partners, we are able to perform complete turn-key projects in the field of drive technology.
Our Commissioning & Installation Services include (dis)assembly and (laser-optical) alignment of existing drive-trains:

  • Low / high voltage variable frequency drives
  • Low / high voltage electric motors (all types)
  • All type of couplings
  • All type of gear-units
  • All type of oil lubrication systems
  • Renewal of water / oil piping.
  • Renewal or refurbishment of foundations
  • Renewal of (power) cables.
  • Electrical integration into existing DCS systems.


Measurement & Diagnosis

Our measurement & diagnostics services is focussed on predicting and preventing future damage failures. The diagnostic engineers use the latest apparatus and methods, which result in precise snapshots of the current condition of the drive equipment. Measurement & Diagnosis Services include: vibration analysis; oil sampling; control of linear and angle values of corpus-prismatic details; balancing and alignment of rotating machines; thermography; measuring and analysis of torque, voltages, currents, power, energy, cos φ, pulsations, un-symmetry, voltage and current harmonics (up to 49th), voltage and current vectors, single-phase and three-phase networks and others.