Corporate responsibility

Sustainable operations

DAC takes responsibility for the possible effects of our business on people, the environment and society. These include effects on both the short and long term and is related to all areas of the business.

We keep ourselves consciously active with sustainability through the ‘Triple P’ approach. These P’s stand for People, Planet and Profit and are our practical guide to all areas of sustainability that may apply.

We have embedded sustainable operations carefully in our commercial activities tend to outperform our competitors.

Our goals:

  • Better market position through cost reduction, increased turnover and innovation new sales and partnership opportunities
  • Strong reputation through greater distinctiveness and trust amongst clients, in the market and in the community
  • Strong business culture: employees are more motivated, more productive and healthier if they can make a positive contribution to society through their work


This is about our people, our people are our most valuable asset. People in our organization, people we hire externally but also the people we work with in general. We apply CSR by investing in:

  • Human resources
  • Diversity in staff
  • Human rights and child protection

Customer requirements are processed carefully and quickly by our flexible and committed staff. Our products and services are of high quality and are constantly subject to updating and upgrading them to prepare for the (future) customer requirements and developments in the industry.


There is only one planet, we should be careful with it. We try to analyze all our activities and seek for the most environmental friendly solutions. In the simplest form by not wasting electricity and separate all our waste but also with selecting and evaluating our suppliers. We are focused on efficient and economic use of natural resources and clean energy by preventing, re-use and recycle as much as possible. In all our operational processes we work towards the most environmentally friendly way of working.


Our profits are invested in employment, infrastructure, sponsorship and charity. DAC has a long-term strategy with eye for innovation. All of our investments are based on the continuity of our present quality and for the future.