Simotics SD Motors

The SIEMENS Severe Duty motors with grey cast iron frames are especially rugged. This makes them the first choice for applications in the toughest of environmental conditions. They master dust or vibration in crushers and mixers as well as the aggressive atmospheres that prevail in the petrochemical and process industries.
Their design optimally supports motor cooling and therefore offers the same handling as for the General Purpose line.

Customer benefits

The optimum motor for various demands

The following SIEMENS lines are available for severe duty applications:

  • Basic Line: rugged, reliable motors for machinery construction
  • Performance Line: Motors for the process industry with reinforced bearings and more rugged paint finish – to meet requirements that go beyond the Basic Line
  • Eagle Line: Motors for export to NAFTA; they fulfil ULR and CSA requirements, and also comply to the efficiency specifications of EISA. Also here, the following applies: SIMOTICS motors offer solutions for the widest range of requirements worldwide.
Compact design

The size of a motor frequently plays a significant role in machines. This is the reason that SIEMENS 1LE1 motors in IE2, IE3 and IE4 are, as a maximum, as long as their predecessors from the SIEMENS 1LG series in IE2.

An additional highlight: In some instances, IE3 and IE4 motors fit in the same frame as motors with IE2. It goes without saying that the efficiency classes do not differ regarding their shaft height, which is why the mechanical interface to the machine always stays the same. In turn, this facilitates an essentially straightforward efficiency upgrade to IE3 and IE4 – without having to adapt the mechanical design of a machine.

More power

Also in the Severe Duty area, increased power motors can be precisely the solution if the space available for a standard motor is not sufficient. The reason for this is that these motors have the same power rating but in the next smaller shaft height.

Inverter operation

Motors are suitable with standard insulation system up to 3 AC 500 V operated in motor mode.

Name 1LE15 / 1LE16 series
Frame material Cast-iron
Power output 0,75 kW ÷ 200 kW
Speed range 750 ÷ 3600 rpm
Voltage 220/400V - 500V - 400/690V
IEC frame 100L ÷ 315L
Class of insulation F, H (VPI)
Degree of protection IP 55 - IP 56 - IP 65
Method of cooling IC 411 - IC 416
Type of construction Foot and flange
Efficiency class IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4
Typical applications (Petro)chemical industry, Pharmaceutical, Printing, Process industry, Pumps, Fans, Compressors
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