Simotics GP Motors

SIEMENS General Purpose motors with aluminium frame are suitable for a wide range of standard drive tasks in the industrial environment. As a result of their especially low weight, they are predestined for pump, fan and compressor applications. However, they are also admirably suited for conveyor technology and lifting equipment / cranes.

Design and architecture of the motors ensure maximum flexibility and minimum associated costs when mounting and installing: Users benefit from integrated lifting eye bolts, mounting feet that can be bolted on, reinforced bearing end shields with optimum mechanical properties and terminal boxes that are easy to access. Not only this, encoders, brakes and separately-driven fans can be easily added. Stocking is also simple due to the low variance of parts enabling motor distributors to quickly respond to customer requirements.


Customer benefits

Especially user-friendly

The SIEMENS 1LE1 series offers especially user-friendly terminal boxes. The 2 and 4-pole motors, shaft heights 80 and 90 go even one step further: For these motors, the terminal box is only fixed using one screw, and it can be continually rotated through 360 degrees. In addition, the terminal box is preconfigured with a terminal board. This makes it significantly simpler and faster to install motors in restricted spaces, as the motor connecting cable can be routed to the motor from any direction.

Special export line

The Eagle Line is available for export to NAFTA. The motors are supplied with the electrical values in compliance with EISA stamped on the rating plate.

More power

Increased power motors can be the solution if the motor must be extremely compact as there is not sufficient space available for a standard motor. With these motors, in efficiency class IE2, power ratings of a standard motor can be realized in the next smaller shaft height.

Name 1LE10 series
Frame material Aluminium
Power output 0,55 kW ÷ 45 kW
Speed range 750 ÷ 3600 rpm
Voltage 220/400V - 500V - 400/690V
IEC frame 80M ÷ 225L
Class of insulation F (VPI)
Degree of protection IP 55 - IP 56 - IP 65
Method of cooling IC 411 - IC 416
Type of construction Foot and flange
Efficiency class IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4
Typical applications Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Cranes / lifting equipment, Production industry
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