Siemens Flender Fluid couplings

We supply high-quality Siemens Flender couplings for almost all branches of industry. Accordingly, we offer you a wide range of flexible, highly flexible, torsionally rigid and hydrodynamic couplings and in numerous sizes and versions. Some Siemens Flender coupling series are maintenance-free, others have long maintenance intervals. Wearing parts can be easily replaced and are available worldwide. Thus, standstill periods are reduced to the minimum.

When designing couplings and clutches, Siemens Flender attaches great importance to safety and reliability. Coupling characteristics are regularly tested on our test stands. Extensive quality assurance procedures ensure that product characteristics remain the same.

Siemens Flender couplings and clutches – proven a million times.

Name Hydrodynamic couplings
Coupling type Fluid coupling
Power rating 0,5 kW ... 2.500 kW
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