Siemens Perfect Harmony

ROBICON Perfect Harmony is the undisputed No. 1 medium-voltage drive converter in the global market. It permits a fine scaling due to the fact that low-voltage cells are connected in series – and to such an extent that it is a medium-voltage drive converter that can address a wide range of voltages and power ratings. The classic features of the ROBICON Perfect Harmony drives include: Extremely simple installation and commissioning (among other things, the transformer, power unit and closed-loop control are all combined in one and the same unit) and the highest voltage quality that complies with the most stringent specifications regarding harmonic content. Not only this, these drives distinguish themselves as a result of their maximum availability that is achieved using a leading edge cell bypass function – where a failed cell is bypassed within less than a quarter of a second – as well as the process-tolerant ProToPS® protective system.

Name Robicon Perfect Harmony
Voltage range: 2.3 - 13.8 kV
Power range: 0.2 - 132 MVA
Cooling: air cooled up to max. 6.7 MW
water cooled from 2.2 MW
Max. output frequency: 330 Hz standard
Open / closed loop control: - sensorless vector control (optionally with sensor)
- communication with all current BUS systems
- automatic motor identification
- automatic start-up
Degree of protection: IP21 or higher air cooling / IP52 water cooling
Rules and standards: ANSI; NEMA; UL; CSA; CE
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